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Your Social Media New Year’s Resolution

With the inevitable annual clichés pouring in, we thought we’d come up with a new year’s resolution for your social media pages.   In short, we’re going to show you (with pictures and everything) how to tidy up your social media channels for the new year.   After all, we know...

Which Hashtags should I use?

Trying to stand out on an app with over 600 million active users is never going to be easy. However, with the evolving Internet world and the increasing need to generate engagement there is only one answer: hashtags. Hashtags have become a huge part of Social Media and a feature that near...

What does ‘Trending’ mean?

Turn back thirty years and trending simply meant undergoing a rapid increase in public interest or attention. Now, with the existence of Social Media ‘trending’ means a lot more than just that. Social Networks have created a whole new platform in which these trending topics...