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We've helped many businesses harness the true power of social media. Our services range from strategy to management and ads to training. Find out more...
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Social Media

Let’s face it, social media is now a chief method of being able to communicate with others. Even for businesses that you wouldn’t expect to have a native presence on social media, the platforms offer a choice of methods and ways of reaching your client base.


Whether you use it for advocacy, fundraising or selling, social media is a great way to talk to people and making deeper relationships.


Businesses sometimes struggle to generate return on the investment they make in time, effort and money. At LikeMind Media, we specialise in creating strategies that generate that return.

Choose what works for you

Whether you wish to manage your social media yourself, or if you’d like us to take care of it, there’s always an option for your business.  Here’s what we offer:

Our experts understand how each social network operates under the bonnet. They know the tricks of the trade: which type of post generates more engagement, the type of image that stands out, the type of prose that will get people clicking on the link to your website or sharing it with their network.


Most importantly, they understand your target audience and which networks you should be using to talk to them. They’ll help you understand where to focus your efforts for maximum return


We believe that social media should not be done just for the sake of it. It must align to your core business objectives. We’ll work as part of your team to devise a strategy that has these goals at the centre.


Once delivered, our team will meet with you regularly to discuss the approach, the content that comes out of the strategy and how well it’s contributing to success. In between time you’ll have access to us as part of a support mechanism to call on whenever you have a question or an idea.


Like all good teams, open dialogue is crucial. We take an honest approach to feedback and we’d like you to do the same.

Sometimes, despite the best intentions, there isn’t time to manage social media content. We understand that you need to work on the business, not necessarily in the business. LikeMind Media can support your marketing efforts by running your social media campaigns for you.


We need to understand how your business operates so that we can devise the right tone of voice and persona to use. But we also need to understand how the company works so that we can be part of your successful team. We take the responsibility of talking on behalf of you extremely seriously.


If you take our management services, you’ll have the benefit of trained social media experts delivering the strategy that we devise. We’ll ensure that there’ll be no gaps between strategy and delivery, implementing the strategy, and feeding back between teams on what’s working and what needs tweaking.


In line with the plan, the team will create exciting content that grabs attention and post based on statistical evidence from your audience: at the optimal time, with the best post types, on the right networks. We’ll proactively engage with your audience to engender conversations and help keep them involved with your brand. We’ll also manage any customer service issues and general enquiries that arise and work with your internal team to channel these to the right people so that they are dealt with swiftly.


Reactive > Proactive > Engagement

Sometimes you just can’t wait for organic reach to grow, or you may have a time-sensitive offer that you need to get out there to more people. Using social media advertising is an effective way to grow your brand’s reach at an affordable price.


No other form of advertising is as cost-effective right now.


There are many forms of social advertising: each network has its own ad platform, with different formats and outcomes. Fortunately, our advertising team at LikeMind Media understand how each platform works and the type of ads that drive people to the location you want them to go to.


We’ll work with your team to use your existing assets, or to create new ones if required based on our knowledge of what works. If you don’t have the skills in house, we can work with one of our collaborators to get these assets created for you – we’ll very much be part of the team working together to create the best content.


You can choose to run ads through your own ad accounts, if you have them, or we can offer to manage the whole process, including payment.

We will never tell you that social media is a skill that only an elite set of digital marketers can implement successfully. You can learn how to do all the things we do with the right level of training.


If you’d like to implement social media yourself, we can train you on the social network platforms and the type of content that will get your fans engaging with you.


One of our social media trainers can work with you on a one-to-one level at your offices, or at ours, or you can join a public course.


Course titles:

  • Target Smarter Using Social Media – Understand some of the basics of the most popular networks and decide how to choose the most appropriate networks for your business
  • Win at Facebook for Business – A deep dive into the world of Facebook marketing for businesses, including how to set up pages correctly and how to work with the dreaded Facebook algorithm
  • Get Facebook Ads Right – Learn how to create Facebook ads based on the many different options available in the Facebook Advert Manager to deliver successful ad campaigns
  • Optimise LinkedIn for You and Your Business – Create personal and company profiles that will promote you and your business and help you grow your network


Not quite what you need? No problem, we can create a bespoke training package for you.