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Never suffer with writers block ever again! Leave it to the experts to take care of content writing, allowing you to concentrate on the important aspects...
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Copywriting & Ghost Writing

We all have different skills and it’s okay if writing is not one of yours.


Plumbing, wallpapering, cross-stitch, horse-riding, brain surgery, speaking Portuguese are all skills we don’t have at LikedMind Media. Writing great copy is one that we do have.


That’s because we write so often; we have a knack for the vernacular.

No need to worry about writer’s block

You know that feeling when you know you want to write something but just can’t get the words out?


We don’t.


We’ll put a ton of ideas to you and work out a plan to make sure you have a constant flow of fresh content.


Your website needs copy. So does your company brochure. Even your new, sparkly app needs something, even if it’s just the user guide.


Our team has been writing copy for websites for years and understands how best to write for search engine optimisation and for visitors to your website to absorb the salient points quickly.


For more detailed work such as brochures, user manuals or quick-reference guides, we have writers who will make your potential customers want to do business with you and who can translate procedures into easy to understand instructions.

Ghost Writing

If you’re using LinkedIn, but aren’t writing long-form articles, then you’re missing out on a fantastic part of the platform. LinkedIn articles get more attention from users of the network and can cement your position as an expert in your field.


Equally, Medium and other content platforms provide you with an opportunity to raise your personal profile and/or support your organisation’s vision.


Sadly, the open nature of these platforms means there’s a lot of junk out there. It’s relatively easy, therefore, to stand out from the (awful) crowd by creating articles that add value, are helpful and engender trust in you and your brand. You simply need the right topic, right structure and right content. We can help you with all of these by ghost writing the article for you.


Our team will work with you to understand your natural tone of voice, so there are no surprises when someone meets you for real. We’ll provide you with an online workspace to brainstorm and plan ideas for articles before we then research and write the article under your name. You always retain creative control – after all, it’s your name on the article (and never ours).


It doesn’t matter what the piece is for: we write for LinkedIn, Medium, Huffington Post, your blog and industry publications you specify. Pieces are written with your ideal customer in mind, and always drive people to wherever you wish them to go.