Paul Ince, Author at LikeMind Media
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Author:Paul Ince

A Hinch Haul

Mrs Hinch – A New Type of Influencer

I love it when someone tells me about a person or a brand doing something that is unusual. Typically it’s someone who didn’t set out to become ‘Instafamous’ or whatever, but someone just creating something that resonates with people. I mean, come on, I’m so bored...

I am not a robot

Twitter Changes: Why Our Clients Are Unaffected

Like most changes to social media platforms, there is an element of panic about imminent changes to the way Twitter works. Fortunately for us here at LikeMind Media, there is very little extra to consider for Friday 23 March 2018, when the latest set of...


How can I get the most out of a customer testimonial?

Getting a customer testimonial can sometimes be a challenge. Hopefully, as a result of the work you have done with them, they are super busy, so they may not have the time to dedicate to providing one. But hearing how a business can help you...

Brian Fanzo

Should I use Native LinkedIn Video?

LinkedIn has, finally, arrived in 2017 and released native video uploads to its platform. Gone are the days when you need to upload elsewhere and then drive people from LinkedIn to YouTube or Facebook to watch whichever video you've spent hours crafting. There are plenty...

LinkedIn Articles

How can you be a LinkedIn thought leader?

I'm always amazed at how many people still think LinkedIn is a recruitment site. Sure, there are a LOT of agents on there, and, yes, they do spam the hell out of people. But LinkedIn is so much more than that. One of the best...

Facebook Reactions

How do Facebook Comment Reactions affect your page?

Have you noticed how you can now react to a comment that's been left in Facebook? How does that affect your page and your ability to grow your reach organically in particular? This post tries to shed some light on the change and what you...